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Why Westfield

Why Westfield

The insurance industry is incredibly multi-faceted. It challenges you every day to know the ins and outs of the business, understand your clients' needs and navigate the best course of action. People's livelihood is in your hands. 

When you work at Westfield, you'll be inspired to learn new skills, show your strengths and grow in your career. And we give you what you need to thrive, offering competitive compensation and onsite training and development programs to help you develop the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Build your future…while protecting theirs.

A Relationship-Oriented Company

Our success is a direct result of great relationships -- within our walls, with our agents and customers.  As we move forward, we recognize those relationships are paramount to our longevity. The fact is, there are many ways to evolve a company, but at Westfield, there's only one way — together.

It doesn’t take long to get a feel for Westfield’s culture. We are a relationship kind of company. Caring about people has been part of our culture since 1848. Respect and integrity are among our core values and there's an enormous sense of pride in contributing to our customers' peace of mind and financial stability.

When you work at Westfield, you are appreciated for your unique experience, background and perspective. We believe blending our collective strengths makes our company strong, viable and successful.

Company Size

About 2,600 people across the US work for Westfield. Our Home Office campus, located in Westfield Center, OH, has 1,600 employees with another 1,000 employees working in service offices throughout our 31 operating states.  

At the Home Office, even with 1,600 people, Westfield still manages to have a close-knit culture that is rooted in our 170 year history.

Rated "A" For Financial Strength

For over 80 years, Westfield Insurance has been rated “A” or higher by A.M. Best Rating Service for Financial Strength. A.M. Best produces an independent opinion of an insurer's financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

Benefits and Wellness

Westfield has a Total Rewards program that focuses on compensation, benefits and wellness. Work-life balance, recognition, and learning and career development are all part of a rewarding career with Westfield.

We offer a competitive benefits package to all full-time employees as well as limited benefits for part-time employees. Our package includes:

  • A blend of health and welfare benefits designed to promote employee physical and mental wellness
  • Retirement benefits designed to provide financial resources during your retirement years

This comprehensive benefit package reflects the Company’s philosophy that our employees are our most important assets.


Health care is an essential benefit in today’s world. Westfield is pleased to offer medical, dental and vision coverage options to all full-time employees. We currently offer a choice between two medical options so employees can choose what best meets their health care needs. Prescription coverage is included in each of the medical options.
Our employees’ mental well-being is just as critical as their physical well-being. Therefore, Westfield offers an EAP, which is a confidential counseling and referral service available to all full-time and part-time employees and their families.
Flexible spending accounts provide full-time employees with the opportunity to pay for certain health care and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. The options available through flexible spending accounts enable employees to obtain a tax savings on reimbursable expenses.
If you are eligible for a Health Savings Account, you can fund it with pre-tax dollars through Health Equity. You may be able to set aside pre-tax money to pay for eligible medical, dental, vision and prescription expenses. Unlike flexible spending accounts, the remaining balance rolls over year to year and the money remains with you if you ever leave or retire from Westfield.
Our Home Office offers an onsite fitness center with group fitness classes and personal trainers to help you maintain your health and well-being. We also offer fitness center reimbursement for service office employees.


All full-time employees are provided with group term life insurance and accidental death benefits.
Full-time employees are provided the opportunity during our annual enrollment period to purchase supplemental life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance for themselves, their spouses and eligible dependents to help meet financial obligations in the event of a death.
Financial stability during times when you are dealing with medical issues is important. Short-term disability provides financial protection to full-time employees who become temporarily disabled because of a non-work-related injury or illness.
Sometimes people experience disabilities that prevent them from returning to work for an extended period of time. In these instances, full-time employees may be eligible for long-term disability benefits after satisfying an elimination period.


Westfield recognizes the importance of helping employees provide financially for their retirement years. As a result, qualifying hourly and salaried employees can participate in a defined benefit pension plan which provides a fixed monthly benefit in retirement.
In addition to the pension plan, Westfield offers a 401(k) plan to eligible employees which allows for pre-tax Roth and after-tax contributions through payroll deductions; and Westfield makes a safe harbor contribution to the 401(k) plan on your behalf, regardless of whether or not you elect to make a contribution.


At Westfield, we believe that vacation serves the best interests of employees, as well as the Company, by allowing employees the opportunity to take paid time off from work for rest and relaxation. Full-time employees receive paid vacation based on their years of service.
Westfield recognizes that from time to time, employees may need to miss work due to illness of either themselves or their immediate family members. Therefore, the Company offers full-time employees a defined number of paid sick days per calendar year.
Westfield believes in the importance of celebrating the holidays with your loved ones. Full-time employees are eligible to receive paid holidays for company-observed holidays and floating holidays, which may be taken any time during the calendar year.
Since employees are Westfield’s greatest assets and ultimately contribute to the Company’s success, it is important to us that employees share in the profitability of the Company. Employees who meet certain eligibility requirements may receive various bonuses/incentives based on the results of the Company.