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Westfield SpecialtySM Enters the Global Market

Now writing specialty insurance in the Lloyd’s of London market, Westfield Specialty is well-positioned to offer brokers, 代理, and clients greater access to Westfield’s expertise and product solutions. Westfield Specialty is committed to be a leading specialty carrier, leveraging the financial strength of our 175 years as a leading U.S. property and casualty (P&C) insurance company with the the well-established Lloyd’s of London platform. Read the press release.    

"We're interested in new opportunities for product expansion and working with clients and brokers to solve problems and find new solutions," 杰克库恩, Westfield Specialty President

Insure Your Client’s Unique Risks With Westfield Specialty

Westfield Specialty can handle risks that aren’t all that common — the hard-to-place property and casualty risks. If you’re interested in a policy to provide coverage for the types of risk not underwritten by most insurers, especially retail standard lines carriers like Westfield; we invite you to 一次谈话 with Westfield Specialty.

Westfield Specialty 十大正规彩票平台 Leadership Team

The Westfield Specialty leadership team brings deep expertise and experience to the international specialty market. Westfield Specialty President 杰克库恩 has a wealth of experience leading global, multi-billion-dollar businesses. Together with 格雷厄姆·埃文斯, Westfield Specialty Executive Vice President and Head of International 十大正规彩票平台, they will build on the existing strength and create an underwriting-focused, market-leading Lloyd’s business as a core part of Westfield Specialty. 

In 2022, 杰克库恩 was inducted into the 十大正规彩票平台 Business America (IBA) Hall of Fame. Watch the video to see Jack accept this industry recognition and learn more about his plans for the future of Westfield Specialty. 

杰克库恩 Bio Photo
President, Westfield Specialty
格雷厄姆·埃文斯 Headshot 2023
Executive Vice President and Head of International 十大正规彩票平台  

Why Choose Westfield Specialty

Unique risks demand unique solutions and the talented team at Westfield Specialty relish a challenge. We develop creative solutions to protect businesses and recover losses as well as drive growth for everyone in the value chain. Coverage for specialized risks requires creativity, and our team of experts have the knowledge and know-how that only comes from deep expertise. It’s that robust combination of stability and boldness that makes Westfield stand above the rest. Learn more about Westfield Specialty. 

Westfield Specialty 十大正规彩票平台 Solutions

Specialty insurance requires unique expertise specific to the kind of risk and product demand often driven by specific/or unusual needs of a given business or industry. Westfield Specialty is anything but common. Our elite team offers some of the industry’s deepest underwriting experience and can tackle the most complex challenges with innovative insurance solutions. Product offerings are vast and Westfield can help in the following areas:

Line of Business (U.S. 唯一的)


E & S Excess Casualty 乔Rainone & 史蒂夫•帕克
E & 年代房地产 安迪·亨德里克斯
环境 Dennis Willette
Financial Institutions (FI) 弗雷德·库珀 & Brian Finnegan
Management Liability 弗雷德·库珀 & 雷灰
Professional Liability – PRO (E&O /网络 and Professional Firms) 丹Wadley
E&O /网络 Jeff Kulikowski
Professional Firms Dennis O’Connell

联系我们 to learn more about Westfield Specialty's international business offerings. 

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